With the Social Security program turning 80 today-and facing an ever more uncertain future-CNBC senior personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson discusses possible contingency retirement strategies for millennial investors with three certified financial planners: Tim Maurer, director of personal finance at The BAM Alliance; Amanda Lott, a wealth advisor with Regent Atlantic Capital; and Douglas Boneparth, the CFP board ambassador for New York.

GuiaBolso is changing the way Brazilians manage their personal finances. With a population of 200 million, Brazil has gained a lot of international attention due to the recent FIFA World Cup and the upcoming summer Olympic Games.

NEW YORK, Sept 2 (Reuters) - Millennials get plenty of recognition for frugality and their desire to share everything from cars to clothes, but they also have the lowest average credit score of any generation, according to a new study.

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This report details how to build digital banking on a foundation of time-tested personal finance principles and integrate tools, insight, and advice that will enable customers to develop healthy, lifelong financial habits with every login, in the course of everyday banking.

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