"I'm excited to be joining GOBankingRates and its team of personal finance experts," said Huddleston. "It's a great source of easy-to-understand advice that anyone can use to make smart money decisions and take control of his or her finances. Hopefully, my 'Life + Money' column will be a great complement to the outstanding content GOBankingRates is already offering," she said.

The median income of a worker in Singapore is $45,240 (US$32,356.69). This may seem like a tidy figure to most people, but consider an alternate thought for just a moment. By exploring this a little, we will know that the GDP Per Capita of the United States (US) and other large countries are diminished by the fact that the populations in those countries have the choice to be “unproductive.” Read more here.

TORONTO , Aug. 12, 2015 /CNW/ - As University students across Canada prepare to head to campus this fall, many are feeling confident when it comes to their personal finances. According to a recent survey by Tangerine*, 36 per cent of students surveyed gave themselves an 'A' and 46 per cent gave themselves a 'B' when asked to grade their ability to manage their finances and financial preparedness for school.

Most of us don't think much about Social Security early in our working lives, apart from noting the weekly toll on our paychecks. But as retirement nears, it's important to know when-and how best-to finally claim benefits from that program we've been paying into all those years.

The Institute for Personal Financial Planning (IPFP) will hold two Saturday workshops in San Francisco. They will offer individuals and couples in their 30s and 40s unbiased personal-finance information.

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